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It seems I am destined to be away from this blog for awhile yet.  I have wanted to return for quite some time, and post again more frequently.  But life continues to get in the way.  My smartphone ins’t working.  My laptop cord isn’t working.  I really don’t have access to a proper and reliable computer at this time.  And so, I can’t really post regularly.

I hope to get back (again) as soon as I can.  I really want to post more frequently, but until I can, please know that I am thinking of this blog and looking forward to posting again.  :)



Ages ago, my father bought a beautiful book that my brother and I read repeatedly.  It was an adorable story about a donkey who felt his ears were too big.  I remember reading it over and over again as a kid.  The story is beautifully written, sweet and simple, but also the artwork is so rustic and charming.

It went to some other sweet child eventually when my brother and I outgrew it, but it was something I remembered as a pleasant memory, along with some other cherished children’s books.  But of course, I didn’t expect it to come back into my life.

And then, I went to a secondhand store and found a copy of the same book.  I was thrilled!  I got to save it and share it with my own sweet darlings.  I have read it to them a dozen times since I got it and I will happily read it to them again, until I put it in a box with some other cherished stories for my future grandchildren.

The book was called Donkey-Donkey and it was written by Roger Duvoisin.  Roger’s artwork is so simplistic and warm, and his stories are worded in a way that they give a great lesson, but are also challenging and captivating.  They are delightful, wonderful stories.

Since I have rediscovered his works, I have also had a chance to pick up some of his other books.  Petunia is a funny little story about a proud little goose who gets the wrong impression about the value of books.  And Veronica is a sweet story about a hippo who learns the wrong way of being conspicuous.

The more I invest and learn about living books, the more I find myself reminising about the wonderful stories I grew up with and I am thrilled that I have the chances to share these stories with my children.  I love them and the sparkle in my daughter’s eyes when she hears me reading them to her.  I now know what my mother experienced reading our stories to us as children.

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Just wanted to let you all know that I am going to take a brief break for a few weeks as I enjoy celebrating Christmas with my children and family.  I likely won’t be back to blogging til after January 6th (the last of the 12 days of Christmas).

Wishing you and your family all a wonder holiday season, and may God bless you and your families!


The Sheppard Family


We are so excited to be joined by the delightful Kindness Elves this holiday season!  I first heard about them on the brilliant blog, The Imagination Tree, last year and knew right away that I wanted to do it myself this year.  So, when I discovered these adorable little guys at my local Dollarama in early November (gah!  Christmas stuff in early November!), I immediately snatched them up.  They were soft, cute and cheap — perfect for my intended purpose.

We don’t teach “Santa” in our home — we have discussed it with Naomi and explained to her that Santa is another name for St. Nicholas.  So she knows that it’s just me playing a game with the elves.  Nevertheless, it’s been fun to wake up to their antics.  The first day of their arrival, she found them sitting on the stairs, with a little note asking that she give them names.  She named the Red one “Red” and the green one “Purple” (she does know he’s green, she doesn’t have any trouble with colors or naming them).

This morning, Red and Purple asked her to help them come up with a list of names of people she loved that she wanted to show kindness to, as well as some ideas.  It was fun to come up with names of all her friends and family, though she did specify the ones she was shy of and we discussed ways she could be kind to them that she would be comfortable with.

Are the Kindness Elves coming to your home this Advent season?  How are you sharing their fun and antics?  Tell us about it in our comments section!

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