This Christmas, Part 1: What Christmas Wasn’t

In reflection on the holiday, I am so pleased to present a two part run down of what Christmas was and wasn’t for our family this year:

  • extravagant gifts. Michael and I set a limit on our budgets. I spent $30 on a lego set for him, with which I will fill his stocking tomorrow. I don’t know what he got me but I trust it is within budget.
  • long hours shopping. We created the photobooks for our parents and Nana free online. The yarn I bought for Naomi’s stocking was only $4.00. The lego were a purchase weeks ago. My brother and sister-in-law’s gifts were on CDs we had at home.
  • Increasing debt. Total spent (outside of gas) was under $100.00 for gifts for 8 people.
  • Stressful holiday parties. My mother’s side gets together several times over the month of December, while Michael’s family celebrated one large party tonite. At each function, we secured a changing spot, a comfy chair, and a sling, in which to nurse and nap our baby. And we made it clear that we intended to leave early so all three of us acquired adequate rest. No guilt trips, no fuss, no drama. Simple.
  • Polite social gatherings. Confession time: I am a wallflower. I hate get togethers with people I don’t know. Fortunately Michael’s workplace did not include a fancy party with expensive clothes or excessive alcohol. To some, this is sad, but instead they provided a lovely turkey dinner for their employees. Michael was pleased and I don’t have to pretend to understand math and machinery. Nor does our daughter have to be fondled and cooed at by strangers. Win-win!
  • Lavish meals or excess baking. We have never been good at the food aspect. We’re more the dishwashers and less the dishmakers.
  • commercialization. Because we avoided shopping malls, television, and modern consumerism, we have been able to keep our sights on what matters most for our family at this time of year: Jesus.

What about you? What wasn’t your Christmas this year?