Mar 8, 2011

Mom Talk Monday: Top Ten Reasons Why Natural Parenting Dads Are So Attractive

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I know there are a lot of good looking men out there, but in my eyes and heart, my husband is the handsomest man alive. And since our daughter was born, seeing him grow and fulfill his role as a father has only made him more attractive. It isn’t just his good looks and sense of humor anymore. His gentleness, playfulness and ability to care and comfort our baby girl has strengthened our love and bond.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d give a little credit to our wonderful natural parenting dads out there, and list the Top Ten Reasons Why Natural Parenting Dads Are So Attractive!


  1. They know how to rock a ring sling! Or a wrap. Or a mei tai. Or a soft structured carrier. In any case, I can’t be the only one who melts when I see my husband carrying our little girl around in her sling or wrap. In fact, I know I’m not the only one! He gets glances from all kinds of ladies when we are out and about and he wears her on his hip or chest.

  3. Who needs pine scent? Our dads love the smell of vinegar! Who wants harmful chemicals floating around something so precious and new? Our natural parenting dads love to see a home cleaned with natural products. Heck, they love to see their families cleaned with natural products! No nasty chemicals for us!

    Mom, turn that camera off!


  5. A man who changes diapers is a good find. But a man who changes cloth diapers? Now that’s a great find! Let’s face it: disposables are easier. But our natural parenting dads don’t back down from a challenge! They will go in and take care of an uncomfortable little bum with a smile on their face (and maybe a clothespin on their nose!).

  7. Who needs an epi when you have a hubby? My husband was there for every single second of our delivery. No “I’ll be in the waiting room” or “I’m just gonna step out for a sec…” Our natural parenting dads help us walk, slow dance with us, hold our hair back when we get sick, rub our backs, give us ice chips, and even get into the tub with us when we are delivering our babies!


  8. They are great at sharing, even when it means some of their side of the bed. You wouldn’t expect it, but those tiny people sure hog up a lot of space when you bed-share, or co-sleep. Fortunately our natural parenting dads find a way to get enough sleep on a space that just allows them to turn over. They might even spend some time cuddling their favorite napping partners at the same time!

  10. They’re not shy! It melts my heart to hear a man talk about the benefits of breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, home schooling, etc. How can you not love a guy like that? And they also are quick to protect and defend us! Not just physically, but verbally as well. When other people try to discourage our choices or change our minds, my hubby has no problem standing up for our beliefs and making our views known. I am so proud of him for that!

    Mención Honrosa - 2º Concurso Fotográfico Regional “Fotografiando la Lactancia“
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  11. They’re “breast men”. Our natural parenting dads know that there is nothing better for their babies than breastmilk and they are happy to let them have it! Even when we are having difficulties with production, latching, and frequent feeders, they do their best to help us.

  13. Sounds strange to you? Nope! Some of the things we as natural parents do seem a wee bit weird to the general public. (“Uh, honey, why are there cabbage leaves in your bra?”) But our natural parenting dads just go with it! They have no problem giving something different a try, even if it seems a little odd at first. You should’ve seen my hubby’s face when I told him about amber teething necklaces. “Seriously? Amber will help her deal with teething pain?” But rather than balk at the idea, we made the purchase with no argument.

    Mmmm, breastmilk!

  15. “No child of mine is going to be eating pesticides!” Our natural dads head right for the organic section of the grocery stores when it’s time to get their baby some lunch. Who wants to feed their babies something coated in bugspray? Not our guys!

  17. They really love their kids. They could just plunk their kids in front of a television for hours on end. They could surround their kids with toys made from hazardous plastics. They could feed them canned animal shaped junk food pastas. They could let a doctor bully them into vaccinating their kids. They could make them cry for hours on end in the middle of the night. But they don’t. Because they have thought long and hard and agreed that just because something else might be easier doesn’t mean it’s what’s right. Being a natural parent isn’t always easier. Or cheaper. Or even convenient. But it is best. And our natural parenting dads know this and believe this.

    And that is why we love them so!

    It was love from day 1!


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  • This is so perfect!!
    What a great list.
    I don’t think my husband gets enough props, even from me. I’ll have to thank him today.

    • Hi Theresa! Thanks, l I’m glad you liked it. I dont always give my husband enough credit either. This is just a way of giving him a well-deserved shoutout!

  • I love it!!! My husband does all that. It makes me want to go hug him!

    • Hi Bethy! Aren’t our husbands the greatest? I can’t wait til mine gets home so I can give him a hug and thank him too. I try to thank him everyday for going to work for us as well.

  • Fantastic fun post!!!

    • Thanks Mj! It was a lot of fun to write as well!

  • this is so cute! It works the other way around too! I have always had a bit of a healthy crush on a friend (nothing serious, just like: what if our lives had turned out differently), until I recently saw him being really bad with his daughter, shaming her, dominating her etc… that nipped it in the butt really quickly!

    • Oh mamapoekie, that’s awful. That would totally turn me off as well. NO one deserves that but especially not a little girl, and certainly not from her daddy. Our little girls are taught whatto expect of a man based on the examples their dads set for them.

  • Great list and post!! So true! I love my hubby even more than I thought I ever could seeing him doing many of these same things!

  • Aw, this was so sweet! Thanks for the reminder that my hubby is a great attachment parenting dad. I beamed when I heard my husband say we were having a “normal” birth at home. And I should remember to thank him for donating most of his side of the bed ;-)

    • Hi Brittany, thanks for reading. My hubby was so awesome in the delivery room. He did everything I needed him to do and didn’t shrink back from any of the “unpleasantness” of delivery. I was more proud of him for staying with me through it all than I was of myself actually having the baby! 

  • A lovely list. :-) And I’d agree–my attached husband is the best. Couldn’t imagine sharing this parenting role with anyone else. Hurrah for the guys!

    • I feel the same way Thomasin. My hubby is the best dad (not just AP!) I know. He’s my perfect baby-raising partner.

  • This was so touching and funny at the same time. I love the point about our husbands loving the smell of vinegar. :) Good thing, too! What a sweet tribute to your husband, and I love the pictures. I totally agree about mine! It was such a boost to have him beside me through my looong labor, then see him cuddling and wearing our newborn and handing him to me to nurse. Be still, my heart!

  • I’m very fortunate to have a supportive husband who is an extension of my natural parenting style. And you’re right: He really loves my kids, and he doesn’t consider spending time with them a break for me but rather a gift for him.

    Here’s to natural parenting dads! They rock!

    • Sounds like your hubby has an excellent view of fatherhood, Kate1 We are so fortunate!

  • This is SO sweet – what a tribute to NP partners!! I completely agree with almost everything on your list – my hubby is such an incredible NP partner. TY for sharing!

    • Thanks for the comment, Dionna! And in truth, this applies to not just husbands, but all parenting partners — roommates, friends, other family members…

  • I am fortunate to have been present and helping for the birth of my children. Who wouldn’t want to be around at the beginning of a life?

  • I agree with every bit of this post! And seriously — how hot are babywearing daddies? I’m thankful for my son’s natural parenting daddy every day!

  • They put up with a lot! All I wanted to do was to sink my teeth into my hubby’s arm during contractions during my home birth. And nearly broke his fingers squeezing them so hard! Bet he wished I’d had some pain killers so he didn’t get mauled! Ah well, we both felt pain during the labour! LOL

  • I love this! We’re so lucky to have the husbands we do!

    • My husband was excellent during my delivery — he walked, rubbed my back, hugged and danced with me, and helped me in and out of the tub for hours. I was more proud of him than I was of myself for actually having the baby!

      • Mike never believes me when I tell him that he gets checked out when he’s wearing Naomi. “It’s her that people are looking at!” He’s so adorably modest.

        • I bet he was happy to be there with you, Lucy, even if it cost him a few bruises!

    • Indeed we are! 

  • Awwwww… will share with my natural husband. :D


  • I read this list to my husband and by the end I was in tearing! I don’t tell my husband enough how much I appreciate him and all he does. And yes husbands are HOT wearing their little babies in a wrap, especially while vacuuming the house! My heart melts when he defends our chosen lifestyle.I don’t feel so alone when he does that! Thanks for this great post! :)

    • I’m so glad you liked it Steph! Our hubbies deserve our love and support as much as we deserve it from them. I am so pleased that I have the love and support of my Beloved!

  • That was just so beautiful it made me cry. I’m fortunate enough to recognise my husband in that list and like so many people, I expect I am guilty of taking him for granted every no and then. I’m off to give my man a hug thanks to you :)

    • I’m so glad, Mrs. Green! Your comments make me smile!

  • Makes perfect sense doesn’t it.

  • I love this! My hubby always gets so shy whenever I boast about his natural parenting ways…but it’s hard not to brag! He’s amazing! More people need to hear about good dads!

    • I agree, especially good natural parenting dads. They are so important and encouraging!

  • As a SAHD, thanks for the props. I think it takes two to raise a kid, my wife is the amazing one…even if she doesn’t have a clue how to wash the diapers. Seriously though, I’m the lucky one.

    • It sounds like you’re child is pretty lucky to have you both as well! :D

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