Apr 20, 2011

Frozen Tomatoes

We love tomatoes.  It’s one of the rare vegetables that Michael will eat.  In soups, in sauces, and in chili, we love them in so many ways.


But we don’t like them raw.  And because we don’t care for them in this way, we don’t often use tomatoes in their original form.  But we all know what it’s like when you have something fresh — it gets hidden behind a container or squished under a package and before you know it, they’re no longer edible.  Canned tomatoes aren’t much better.  After reading the potential dangers of commercial canned goods, I am hesitant to buy canned goods at all, no matter what the contents, even if it’s organic.


Our solution?  Frozen whole tomatoes!  We buy them fresh and whole, and then just wash ’em and freeze ’em!

When frozen solid, they look like big red marbles.   They are heavy and solid and oh so pretty!   We never worry if the skin gets freezer-burned or if they bust a bit, as we just blend them up or stew them in whatever meal we are enjoying.


When we need them, we take them out and thaw them.  Our favorite way to eat them is in this Roasted Tomato and Garlic Soup.

Oh, and want a super easy trick to peeling tomatoes?  Freeze ’em!  Then, just take them directly out of the freezer, and run them out of warm water.  Use your thumbs and fingers to easily push the skin away from the flesh, easy as pie!  You can peel them without freezing them too, but I find it easier when they’re frozen.

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  • This is a wonderful idea! We’ve frozen them to keep for canning (when we didn’t have enough to can a batch right away), but always cooked them first. I am going to try this, thanks so much for the tip!

    • Thanks very much Shawn! I have never had trouble with them frozen, since I’m just going to be stewing or cooking them anyway!

  • I was not aware that they could be frozen thanks so much for sharing this tip and idea

    • You’re welcome, Angie! Hope you have success with it!

  • Wow great idea and simple too which I like! How long do they last in the freezer like this? Right now is the season for tomatoes where we live and they are in abundance at a good price which will treble in the next few months so if I can get some frozen and know they will last then I will do it!

  • This is fabulous! Last year I put up a lot of tomatoes, but didn’t peel them, and my hubby picked all the skins out of whatever I put them in. Oops. :) I am definitely going to be trying your method this year! I guess I’ll just freeze them as I pick them, and when I get enough to can, I’ll peel them all. I can’t wait!

    • Great Diana! I hope that helps you simplify your canning process. 😀