Jul 2, 2011
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The 50s Housewife

housewife [derogation]

Photo Credit:  Paul G


The last few years, I went through a phase.  I became absolutely fascinated by the freethinking 1960s.  The rock music, the free-flowing hair, the bell bottoms.  Oh yes, I had hippie fever.  I fantasized about travelling back in time and attending Woodstock.  I scowered secondhand stores for shirts with bell sleeves and empire waist dresses.  I listened to new versions of old music and read books and watched movies that captured the moments in the lives of the 60s.


But now, as my hair begins to turn grey look better in shorter styles, and my lifestyle switches from someone who has less freedom as an individual and more freedom as a member of a family, I am turning my sights towards my career.  I am looking at the profession of homemaker, housewife, mother.  While I do work outside the home part-time as a kinesiologist, I do intend to spend the better part of my day as a full time domestic queen.


I love looking back on the past and drawing inspiration from the many women of eras gone by who achieve all the things I long for.  And who did a better job of that than the women of the 40s and 50s!  The era when being a wife and mother was something you could actually go to college for, taking home economics!


The 50s housewife is something that has become fairly divided.  Either she’s a dowdy, unintelligent slave to her husband and children, or an overly romantisized fictional character that walked around with a perpetual smile and was blissfully happy.  She was either glamourous or haggard.  Clever or mindless.  Efficient or overburdened.


Jen of Jen But Never Jenn did a two week experiment as a 50s housewife and learned a lot of interesting things about the 50s housewife.  While she can be a bit sarcastic and sharp-tongued at times, she does have a hilarious account of what life might have been like for these women.  It’s a good read to see a different side of the 50s housewife.


I will be looking further into her life myself over the next little while, I think.  I look back on the time with slightly rose-tinted glasses, I think, but I see no reason not to draw inspiration from this fascinating lady.   I want to focus on her industriousness, her cleverness, her organization, her efficiency, and her objectives.  She really is a lovely lady and I want to see what inspiration I draw from her.

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