Jul 8, 2011

Cloth Diapers: A Man’s Perspective

Welcome to the First Annual Freedom of Cloth Carnival


This post was written for inclusion in the Freedom of Cloth Carnival hosted at Natural Parents Network by Melissa of The New Mommy Files and Shannon of The Artful Mama. This year’s carnival will run from Sunday, July 3rd through Saturday, July 9th. Participants are sharing everything they know and love about cloth diapering, including how cloth has inspired them.


(The following is a guest post from my husband, Michael.  I asked him to do a write-up on his thoughts concerning men, dads, and cloth diapers.  Here’s his motivational article.  If your husband has a problem changing cloth diapers, maybe this will motivate him!)


Well Dads, let’s just admit it — we hate changing stinky filthy diapers. When it comes to the idea of changing a cloth diapers, our faces go white and we plead to use a disposable diaper. This seems to be a general consensus, but let’s admit it:  that’s not really true, at least for me.  I struggled after the first month not to get my lovely wife to change all our daughters’ diapers; I knew in my heart it wasn’t fair to her.  After all, to my wife those diapers are just as yucky. To top it off, we use cloth diapers for the most part.  Guys, they have to be cleaned, not tossed.


The first week we had our beautiful daughter we used disposables, since a friend of my wife makes and sells cloth diapers and we had to wait for the order. One day during that time, I thought I was going to give up diapers for good.   Here’s the story:


My daughter needed a diaper change.  When I opened the diaper it was a liquid-like movement. I removed the diaper and the two things happened at once:  first she had not finished her movement and second, the cool air had triggered my daughters’ bladder. Chaos ensued.  I had my daughter held party out of the mess but a moving baby and loads of “mess” caused her to get filthy and me to panic.


“Something’s not right,” I anxiously squealed like a lost whale.  I yelled for my wife to call the duty nurse because our daughter’s movement just wasn’t right.  As I held the squirming, wiggling, messy baby, not having a clue what to do, I squealed “Why aren’t you helping me?!”


“Quiet,” she said, “I’m on the phone with the duty nurse.”  (Nada’s Note:  I knew nothing was wrong, but I knew if I didn’t call the nurse, he’d be worried.  Unfortunately I didn’t think to help him deal with her mess first.  I can admit now that I was laughing to myself the whole time.  Poor Michael.)


Well I got our daughter cleaned and changed and found out that the watery movement was natural. I had made it though the worst disaster I have ever had with diapers thus far, paid my dues and was a seasoned veteran.


So what about cloth diapers?  Well first I will let you know I made myself be an active participant in changing diapers, as it’s only fair to my wife. I am a Christian man, and there are a load of misconceptions, as I see it, about who does what in the home.  My wife spends 8 hours alone with our daughter every day and deserves to have a partner when I come home. After all, I become a full time parent after I get home from work.  So guys I’m going to tell you:  MAN up and do your part.  Your wife is tired too, and no amount of out of the home work is going to change that fact.


Also as human beings living on this planet and as a Christian man, I am bound, as is my wife, to be good stewards of our planet. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get cloth diapers.  They not only use less junk and pollutants than disposables, but they are CHEAPER. Yes it cost you less to save the planet, surprise!


Cloth diapers also are much better for your child’s skin, helping relieve diaper rash and irritations, and because you have to change them more often, their sensitive behinds see more fresh air. We recently had an issue with a rash that, well , was bad, bleeding and red, but between coconut oil and cloth diapers (and sometimes letting her run around commando) we were able to clear the rash up without going to a doctor or having to use some medical cream with who knows what in it.


Once you commit yourself as a man to changing diapers, a bit of poop or pee don’t bother you. If you get to the diaper relatively quick after a movement the fecal matter usually comes off without having to coax it. If you miss it that’s okay — you’re a seasoned veteran and cleaning a diaper shouldn’t be too hard for someone like you, whose been through the trenches. What myself and my wife do is if there is a larger mess we team up, we work together to clean our daughter, then split into two teams:  one of us cleans the cloth diaper and the other puts a new one on.


With a bit of respect for your wife (or husband!) and the environment, cloth diapers can be easy. Caring for your child builds an unbreakable bond and guys, your wife will appreciate it. So I hope you consider cloth diapers and being a partner to your wife.


Nada I love you, and hope I show it.  (Nada’s Note:  Oh you do, Beloved.  Every single day.)



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  • Okay, that bit at the end is way too sweet!
    It’s refreshing to hear a man’s perspective on diapering, and a good story along with it! It sounds like you have found a groove together as parents, and a way to share the load with a whole lot of love and respect. Thanks to you and your husband for sharing this fabulous post :)

    • Aww, thanks Melissa! I am very thankful for my husband. He’s the best. Thanks for commenting! Sorry I was so late in responding!

  • I love this new modern man’s perspective! My husband helps with cloth and even suggests it to his coworkers who are about to become dads themselves (they work in a factory so that says a lot about his commitment to cloth – lol). Michael you are a credit to your faith and your family. Nada is a very lucky woman! Thank you both for sharing this.

    • Hi Shannon! Michael is very open and promotive of our green parenting choices as well. He talks up cloth diapers and babywearing all the time. I am indeed a very lucky woman. Thanks for commenting! Sorry I was so late in responding!

  • Yaay for husbands who change diapers! And cloth diapers at that! Our daughter had to come out by caesarean, and Josh was more than happy to take over diaper duty completely during the first weeks I was healing. He owned it like a champ, laundering them and everything. And every single time a diaper was changed, she nailed him with fresh potty. In the middle of the night I’d hear a mumbled “ooooh, man!” and would giggle sympathetically. Thankfully, he has a fantastic sense of humor also. ;)

    • Josh seems like such a man after Michael’s heart, Rosemary. Poor Michael has been on the “butt end” (pardon the pun) of several of Naomi’s unpredictable moments. I always snicker under my breath, because I know it’s not funny to him (at the time). Diaper changing is also a great opportunity for dads to bond with babies. It gives them a chance to make faces, sing songs, do silly dances, etc. while helping out a little one. :) Thanks for commenting! Sorry I was so late in responding!

  • It is such a great post – it’s not very often that we hear cloth diapering from the dad’s perspective. And not just cloth diapering, but being a co-parent too.

    • He’s my hero! Thanks for commenting! Sorry I was so late in responding!

  • My husband had the same squeamish reaction to diapers at first too. And honestly, if we had disposables on hand, he’s probably reach for them in a heartbeat (which is why we don’t buy disposables even as back up). But the man changes diapers without complaining 90% of the time. And he’s hooked to the cheaper price tag.

    BTW, it was great to hear a man voice a respect for SAHM’s, be supportive of his wife and not trying to pull the “I worked all day” bull. It’s refreshing to read on the internet, where you primarily read vents or complaints centered on how spouses aren’t looking out for their partner.

    • I love that my husband is man enough to be a dad. :) He’s never once complained about changing cloth diapers. Though as you can see, we have had a few panicked moments. Thanks for commenting! Sorry I was so late in responding!

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