Oct 22, 2011

Link Love Round Up

Autumn's Arrived!

Photo Credit: Caro Wallis

So we are coming to the end of October so rapidly.  This month seems to have flown by for us.  I cannot believe there’s only ten days left.  Oh autumn, you’re so wonderful and yet so brief.  I do not look forward to the coming winter.  I have never been a fan of snow, nor the cold.  But this year, I will have the joy of seeing snow and ice through the eyes of a toddler.  So perhaps I will get to take in something completely different.
  • I want to eat… homemade goat cheese.  I wonder if I could talk Michael into getting a goat…
  • I want to read… this adorable classic Sesame Street story.  You can’t get any sweeter than Grover trying to protect you from a monster!
  • I want to listen to… this sweet little song Teresa Doyle penned for her husband.
  • I want to dream… of a perfectly organized yarn stash.  I guess old suitcases will have to do for now.
  • I want to enjoy… warm cozy hands, in warm cozy hand warmers.  In pretty colors.
  • I want to discuss… what picture would you keep in a locket?
  • I want to experience… what it feels like to flip through the pages of a well loved Bible.
  • I want to remember… what it was like to go fishing with my dad.  I want to show Naomi what that feels like.
  • I want to make… these really cute personalized coasters.  So many possibilities!
  • I want to quote… Rose MacAulay, and remind myself of this when things are a mess and Naomi wants to play.


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