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Golden Moon

Photo Credit: Molard Smith

Although this picture isn’t of the sky I see outside my window, this is exactly what my moon looked like tonight.  So golden, so warm and gentle.  It guides us through the night and sweetens our dreams.  And in the morning, it turns the sky over to the sun and we are given so many blessings from its warmth and strength.  I am so anxious to see the sunrise.

  • I want to eat… this amazing looking tomato basil soup.  Seriously, I just want to stick a spoon into my monitor.
  • I want to read… God’s Wisdom For Little Girls, a lovely book my uncle gave Naomi when she was born:
  • I want to listen to… a rousing little protest song from Kenny White.
  • I want to dream… of a simple cup of warm almond milk cocoa and a plate full of quinoa cocoa pops.
  • I want to enjoy… flipping through a wonderful book of memories with Naomi in her life story binder.  A wonderful twist on the traditional baby book.
  • I want to discuss… the difference between a Super Mom and an Abiding Mom.  This really puts things in perspective.
  • I want to experience… what it feels like to sew properly.  Mine is always so hit and miss.  Fortunately I found this site with some really great tricks!
  • I want to remember…  this great trick as to how to fold a fitted sheet when I wash the bedsheets this week.
  • I want to make… these incredibly simple natural deodorizers for all over the house.  I really need to find some essential oils.
  • I want to quote… this painfully on-the-money quote from Neal A. Maxwell.
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