Apr 1, 2012

Making Memories on Palm Sunday


Growing up, I remember seeing a dry palm leaf that had been twisted into a cross sitting over my grandparents’ entryway of their home.  It was there for years, and I suspect it might still be there after my grandmother sold her home (through what I’m sure was divine intervention!).
The symbolism of the palm leaf is of course taken from Mark 11:1–11Matthew 21:1–11Luke 19:28–44, and John 12:12–19, when Jesus rides his last triumphant journey into Jerusalem on a donkey.  This is his last excursion before he is sacrificed on the Cross.  As he and his donkey ride into the city, the people rush out to greet him, and they lay out the palm leaves in his path.  They basically roll out the proverbial red carpet for him.  

By the way, did you know that in that culture, what type of animal a king rode upon when he entered a town actually had significance?  A horse was a representative of war, and when a king rode a horse into town, he was basically declaring war on the town.  However, Jesus rode in on a donkey, a symbol of peace.  
Palm Sunday is an excellent opportunity to discuss with children the love of Jesus and the importance of his sacrifice.  Spend some time today making memories with your children.  After service, discuss the events that happened on this day all those years ago.  Tell stories about Easter traditions in your home.  Write thank you letters to Jesus.  If you’re interested in making a palm cross yourself with your family this lovely Palm Sunday afternoon, here is a very clear set of instructions!  If you make it small enough, you could even wear it on a piece of cord as a necklace or pendant (careful, it may get brittle!)

Saints and Scripture Sunday

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  • Nada,

    First off, so glad to meet you! I’m thrilled that you stopped by Saints and Scripture Sundays! Hope to see you there as a regular!

    Palm Sunday holds such meaning for me …. and it’s funny that you should mention your grandmother’s home, and the palm cross there. It reminded me of my mother in law’s home, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen palm fronds tucked away into the corners of picture frames there.

    Love your ideas to help teach our young ones about Palm Sunday … I’m trying harder to make our faith part of our daily routine and rhythm.

    Praying for a blessed Holy Week for you and your family!

    • Thank you so much Dianna! Palm Sunday is one of those holidays we never really consider, but it is so important to remember it’s significance. I can’t wait to join in on the next S&S Sundays! 😀

  • Our living room crucifix has behind it a very fancy palm decoration dating back at least two decades, and probably more like four or five, made by my great-grandfather. I will be very sad when it finally disintigrates.