This morning, what I hoped my readers said to themselves was, “What happened, Nada?!  You were here, and now you’re gone again!  It’s been 84 days since you posted anything!”

Well, I’ll tell you what happened!  Our whole family got a horrible case of the flu!  We were out of commission for a whole week.  It was nothing but sweaters and chicken broth and soda crackers for us while we waited for the demon bug to pass through our systems.

Well, it took awhile for Michael to bounce back.  Naomi, resiliant little firecracker that she is, bounced back in an instant.  But me?  Well, I just struggled.

This flu was unrelenting for me.  I was nauseated all the time.  I had no energy, no desire to eat, I could barely get out of my own way.

A few weeks went by and I wasn’t getting any better.  Nothing was happening for me — no desire to eat, no desire to move, no period…

Wait a sec… no period?

A quick pregnancy test revealed the truth — the flu tricked me!  I was over it weeks ago.  Now I was pregnant!
pink and blue
Our family was of course beside ourselves with joy!  Naomi will turn three tomorrow (tomorrow!!!) and we are so glad that by Hallowe’en we will have a second soul to share all our joys and celebrations with!  So excited!

Unfortunately for me, I am one of 75% of poor women who suffer extremely unpleasant morning sickness.  It was the same with Naomi and with our second baby as well.  I got up, I dragged myself to work, I came home from work, and curled up on the couch for the rest of the night, til I dragged myself to bed at night.  Oh the misery and torture.  I just kept thanking Jesus for the pregnancy, and for the reassurance (through the nausea) that everything was okay.  I’m one of those worry-warts who would’ve been picking myself apart wondering if everything was okay, if it wasn’t for the nausea reassuring me daily that my baby was happy and healthy.

So for the last 19 weeks I’ve survived on lemonade, lemon popsicles, lemon ice cubes, and macaroni and cheese.  I am finally starting to get myself back to something resembling a functional member of society — I even participated in the March Against Monsanto here in Halifax last week!  Here’s a couple clips of our march (warning — language of videographer in first film is a little harsh).


So I thought I’d try to get back to things here at miniMOMist.  In my absense I haven’t really taken much time to think about the blog or where I want to take it, but I figure it’s a great place for me to have fun, express myself, and detail the fun stuff of our lives, including the growth of our sweet new baby.

Any prayers and encouragement are welcomed.  We’re only 21 weeks away from holding a precious new baby in our arms.

boy meets girl ;)