3 Fashionable Ways to Stay Warmer This Winter

What’s more dangerous to your spendthrift ways than a frugal mama?  A frugal hippy mama!  I didn’t want to turn that thermostat up a single degree until we absolutely had to.  We didn’t want to turn it up til the first of November this year, but after all four of us came down with colds, we decided that we’d better turn it up.

Even still, I don’t want to have to turn it up too much yet — it’s not even December yet!  So here are some very simple, very easy ways to keep warm throughout the winter without being terribly inconvenienced or uncomfortable.

Only The Toes Knows
Photo by Vox Efx
1. Wear socks. Two pairs, if you don’t have slippers.  This is coming from a diehard barefooted devotee.  But once the temperature starts to fall, I start breaking out my deliciously warm socks.  I have a fondness for Smart Wool socks, myself, but who could resist a pair of soft felted woolen socks handmade by someone you love?  If you’re lucky enough to have a lovely pair of slippers (we each have a pair of these sweet things on their way to us right now!) that will just add to it.  Keeping your tootsies warm, and not in direct contact with your cold floor, will help to keep the rest of your body warm and toasty as well.


Time For The Longies
Photo by outdoorPDK
2. Break out your long underwear.  And by the way, there’s no need to go out and buy new skivvies if you can’t afford them.  Even a comfy pair of yoga pants will do just fine.  But under your regular clothes, throw on a pair of thermal underwear and you will hardly even need a sweater throughout the day.  I break out mine the instant the leaves start to change color.  My daughter starts wearing a pair of leggings under her jeans as well.  It keeps us both toasty warm and ready to take on the day’s challenges.

BTW, if you buy a simple pair of black cotton ones, they can go under a knee length skirt or maxi skirt as well — modest, warm and comfy!


bandana cowl
Photo by Eunice
3.  Knitted anything is awesome.  Break out your knitting needles (did you know you can start learning to knit for next to nothing?) and create something luxurious and warm to keep you cozy.  On my list of things to knit (as if that list ever gets shorter!) is this gorgeous Bandana Cowl by Purl Bee.  Not only is it gorgeous and cozy, but it would work double duty to keep my neck warm, my head warm, my face warm, and just look so sweet.  But if cowls aren’t your thing, try a hair scarf or headwrap to keep your thoughts warm and comfy.   There are a little million ways to knit yourself a beautiful and warm headscarf.

What ways do you dress to keep warm at home during the colder weather?  Share your comments!

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