Your Child’s Car Seat: One Of Your Most Important And Most Neglected Safety Tool

Source:  Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Sometimes, a piece of information comes up on your Facebook feed that grips you — that just challenges you and convicts you thoroughly.  On Monday of this week, I had one such experience.  This blog post appeared in my News Feed and after reading it, I sat and cried.  The story of a poor little boy who lost his life due to an improperly installed car seat was gutwretching, and I couldn’t stop myself from thinking all the different “What if” scenarios.  I have a very precious little man and little girl that ride around with me in our car, and while I felt our seats were safe, I am very convicted about it and determined to improve.


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The truth is, I should not be alone in this — according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3 out of 4 car seats are not safely installed into their vehicles.  That’s chilling.  And horrible.  And just further motivates me to make sure my children are safe in our vehicle, as safe as they are in my own home.

I had asked for my and Michael’s family to chip in to buy Jude a new car seat for his birthday this year — one that would convert from a rear facing seat to a front facing seat when he was older, but I hadn’t gotten around to it.  I am now more determined than ever to get our car a new car seat, hopefully by this weekend, and install it properly.  Naomi’s car seat is still adequate, but I know now that we faced her forward too early, and in fact, she is just now the size and weight she should be for forward facing.  I am so incredibly thankful to Jesus that we have never had to go through any kind of vehicle accident or injury, especially where our children are concerned.

I have contacted some local baby stores and organizations to see if there is a car seat safety workshop put on anywhere in my community.  Til I know more, I will be studying and learning from various videos and making sure that things are safe.  If you’re looking for resources for proper purchase and instillation of car seats, please check out the following links.

How To Find the Right Car Seat

How To Install An Infant Car Seat

Tips For Installing Car Seats

Installing A Car Seat

Car Seat Instillation Videos Playlist from The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (English and French)

Please make sure your precious babies are safe in your vehicle!  Let’s never have any other mother and child have to go through what Cameron and his family have gone through.

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4 thoughts on “Your Child’s Car Seat: One Of Your Most Important And Most Neglected Safety Tool

  1. Thanks for the post. This is such an important topic but so often it is one that gets overlooked until it is too late. Thank you for raising awareness. Also, I don’t know if you are aware, but most fire stations will check if your car seat is installed properly and even install it for you if you are unable to or unsure. I’m glad I found your blog at the Serving Joyfully link-up.
    -Miranda at

    1. Wow, Miranda I did not know that about fire stations! Great piece of information! I am lucky that there is a wonderful family resource center not far away that has certified personel who know how to properly install a car seat. Once my new one arrives (this week!) I can call and make an appointment to go over it. 🙂

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