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Ages ago, my father bought a beautiful book that my brother and I read repeatedly.  It was an adorable story about a donkey who felt his ears were too big.  I remember reading it over and over again as a kid.  The story is beautifully written, sweet and simple, but also the artwork is so rustic and charming.

It went to some other sweet child eventually when my brother and I outgrew it, but it was something I remembered as a pleasant memory, along with some other cherished children’s books.  But of course, I didn’t expect it to come back into my life.

And then, I went to a secondhand store and found a copy of the same book.  I was thrilled!  I got to save it and share it with my own sweet darlings.  I have read it to them a dozen times since I got it and I will happily read it to them again, until I put it in a box with some other cherished stories for my future grandchildren.

The book was called Donkey-Donkey and it was written by Roger Duvoisin.  Roger’s artwork is so simplistic and warm, and his stories are worded in a way that they give a great lesson, but are also challenging and captivating.  They are delightful, wonderful stories.

Since I have rediscovered his works, I have also had a chance to pick up some of his other books.  Petunia is a funny little story about a proud little goose who gets the wrong impression about the value of books.  And Veronica is a sweet story about a hippo who learns the wrong way of being conspicuous.

The more I invest and learn about living books, the more I find myself reminising about the wonderful stories I grew up with and I am thrilled that I have the chances to share these stories with my children.  I love them and the sparkle in my daughter’s eyes when she hears me reading them to her.  I now know what my mother experienced reading our stories to us as children.

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