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Learn What You Teach

They say you learn what you teach, so if you’re interested in learning more about living simply, practicing frugality, minimalism, couponing, finding great deals, managing your home, preparing healthy and nutritious meals, and blessing your family, that’s great!  That’s what I want to learn about, too!

Who Am I?

I am Nada, a servant and follower of Jesus Christ, and the wife of my Beloved, Michael. We were married in September ’09 in a lovely service officiated by a good friend (a priest). Shortly after our wedding, we agreed to let Our Father designate when and how our family would grow. Looking back, I think I remember hearing Him chuckle at us, as we found out a few days later that we were already pregnant with our first child. Our beautiful daughter Naomi was born in May ’10 at which time we reaffirmed our commitment to letting Our Father decide when and how our family continues to grow.

I love blessing my family in many ways, including cooking, baking, cleaning, reading, writing, and making them laugh. I feel that my purpose on Earth is to be a loving wife and mother, sister and friend, to my family and community.

What We Believe

My husband is our provider and head of our household and lovingly leads us.  I respectfully submit to him, and strive to be a good role model for my daughter as a woman, wife, sister, friend and mother.  My mission in every thought, word, and deed, is to be a woman who has the honor of being called “Mom”. I wish to instill in my daughter a love of imagination and creativity, allowing her access to all outlets and experiences I can make available to her.

What You Will Find Here

I am a very practical person, so you won’t find a lot of fluff and pomp in my postings.  I like to keep things simple, and to the point.  I will post a lot about productive handcrafts such as knitting, quilting, and baking.

We actively coupon, so you will definitely see plenty about couponing, shopping, price comparisons, getting deals, and stockpiling.

And we practice minimalism, so expect information about minimizing waste, minimizing frivalities, and the freedom of less.

And of course, we are hardcore frugal folk around here!  So expect to see lots about second-hand shopping, Freecycle, yard saling, recycling, upcycling and green living.

We also strongly believe in the concept of attachment parenting, and have experienced the benefits of this method many times over.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for visiting miniMOMist!  I hope you find our family to be a good friend and one with which you would like to share your journey.  Please feel free to connect withe anytime! You can reach me at mamasheppard (dot) base @ gmail (dot) com.  You can also follow me on Twitter, as well as on Facebook!