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Dec 11, 2011
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Hadassah’s Closet Felt Crown Giveaway Winner!

First off, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated.  This was first giveaway and I was so honored to do it for Rosemary.  She is such a sweetheart and so talented.  So here it is.  The winner is Tricia (@widemouthedfrog).  Congrats Tricia!

For those of you who didn’t win, but are still interested, don’t worry!  Rosemary’s discount code, 5offDec17, is good til December 17 (hence the code!).  So you still have lots of time to order a beautiful felt crown from Hadassah’s Closet!  And Rosemary is not opposed to doing custom orders so if you want something specific done, please get in contact with her on Twitter or via her Etsy shop and let her know!

Please keep your eyes open in January when I have another delicious giveaway coming up as well!

Dec 10, 2011
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Link Love Round Up


Photo Credit: Brad Smith

The air is cold and the ground is rapidly getting frozen but we still have no snow on the ground.  That’s just fine with me.  I don’t want to see it til just before and just after Christmas.  I’ve never been a big fan of snow.  I don’t mind the cold but the only true purpose I can see in snow is the reminder of how dearly we love the warmer times of the year!
    • I want to eat… delicious potato and bacon soup.  Our favorite Sunday supper.
    • I want to read… about fiesty and feminine lady turned sleuth, Nancy Drew.  I read several of her books when I was a girl and I cannot wait to read them with Naomi when she’s older!
    • I want to listen to… one of my favorite Christmas stories, A Christmas Carol, narrated by Glen Hallstrom.  His voice is perfect for this dark, delightful story.
    • I want to dream… of telling the world how awesome my husband is.  Think they’d get the message?  *wink*
    • I want to enjoy… a perfectly seasoned cast iron skillet.  Fortunately Dave can teach me how to season it properly!
    • I want to discuss… CrockPot’s new LunchCrock.  Think it’s a good investment, or a  “buy it and never use it” item?
    • I want to experience… what it feels like to make perfect fudge.  I have yet to figure that one out!  Do you think this guide will help?
    • I want to remember… being a little girl and wanting to be Cinderella — but not when she was the princess.  I wanted to be her when she was cooking and cleaning the house!  I hope that I can enjoy that again by helping Naomi in a play kitchen I am hoping to make for her.
    • I want to make… something to keep Naomi occupied during busy kitchen activities or long car rides.  I love the idea of a quiet book — so much creativity and opportunity to learn!
    • I want to quote… what I am sure is the formula for a good and healthy marriage.  Leave it to Martin Luther!



Don’t forget our giveaway this week!  Only 1 day left to win a beautiful handmade felt crown from Hadassah’s Closet!  Go check it out!

Dec 3, 2011
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Link Love Round Up

December 2008

Photo Credit: rsteup

Welcome to December!  There’s no snow on our ground yet, but I can feel the bitterness and chill in the air.  The year is old and weary and anxious to be done, and the earth knows it.  I love the look of sweet, pure white snow, reflecting the lights on our homes and streets.  But that’s pretty much where my love of snow ends…
I want to eat… clementines!  Oh how I dearly love clementines!  And they’re always coming in at this time of year.  Did you know you can can clementines with orange juice?
I want to read… this fantastic new book by the only woman who could entice the brilliant Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Mayim Bailik.  This woman is just incredible.  And her new book, Beyond the Sling, is definitely on my 2012 reading list!
I want to listen to… home grown folk singer Sarah McLachlan did a Christmas album last year that just melts ice, it’s so melodious and sweet.  She called it Wintersong and I must say, it’s aptly named.
I want to dream… my recurring dream of a perfectly organized pantry.  I’m especially fond of the door trick!
I want to enjoy… a winter garden.  Definitely won’t happen this year, I’d be starting too late.  But next year, if I plan for it, you never know!
I want to discuss… how you helped quell your picky eater‘s finicky ways.
I want to experience… curling up under a beautiful quilt I made myself.  I wonder if I can convince Michael to let me make one for our bedroom…
I want to remember… knotting, braiding and weaving beautiful friendship bracelets.  I used to do this with my friends!
I want to make… a wonderful Montessori-based home for our daughter to explore and experience!  Lots of great pointers here to implement.
I want to quote… another pearl of wisdom from Eleanor Roosevelt.  Discuss!
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Dec 2, 2011
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Four Gifts

Box with gift

Photo Credit: Robo Android


I have been thinking about what to get my family for Christmas.  Naomi is very blessed to have both her grandparents, as well as several aunts and uncles who dearly love her.  So we don’t like to overwhelm her, or each other, with gifts during holidays.  I like to keep things simple, useful and enjoyable gifts, and each with a purpose.  I have a few ideas for both her and Michael, but I didn’t know exactly how much or how many to get.   But this little rhyme really makes sense to me when it comes to purchasing Christmas presents.

One they want, One they need
One they wear, One they read

Doesn’t that make it so much simpler?  Four simple gifts.  Easy-peasy!  Now I have several other great gift ideas to get ordered and/or made!



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