United Colors

Photo Credit: Gianluca Carnicella

I believe that materialism, in all forms, is one of the root causes of our world’s plight and chaos, as well as one of The Enemy’s most wicked tools.  As such, I strive to minimize our dependence on “stuff” and instead celebrate our accomplishments, milestones and successes with practical gifts or wonderful memories. We keep our gift-givings to basic, preferably handmade gifts and try to fulfill our needs and desires frugally and without excess.

God amazes us with his abilities to bless us in this aspect.  A little inspiration here, a little creativity there, and we find our needs cared for without spending a dime, or very few dimes anyway. Our goal as a family is to walk the narrow road together, teaching our daughter how to live and follow the teachings of Christ.

For more of my thoughts on minimalism, check out the following pages.

 Realistic Minimalism

More to come!

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